Carleton University Campus Safety Services Warns Students About Scam E-mails

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Oxford Student Association Requests All Kosher Meat Ban

Oxford student association asked the university to ban all kosher meat.

3 days ago 81

NYU Student Denied From Lecture Because It's 'Easier' Without a 'Black Presence' In Class

Student took to Twitter to tell about an incident reflecting institutional racism at NYU.

6 days ago 527

This New Jersey Program Allows Students Immigrants To Get Local Education

New Jersey works hard in order to help the local undocumented immigrants with their education.

6 days ago 95

50% of UK Universities Enroll Fewer Than 5% Poor White Students

University of Oxford has 3% of poor white students.

6 days ago 32

That’s How Tennessee Student Hacked College System To Change His Grades

How do you think is it possible to hack your college computer? And would you do that to download exams answers?

7 days ago 215

She Was Named Taiwan's Hottest Teacher After These Pics Went Viral

Her name is Cheng Jhia-wen and she is a 28-year-old lecturer at hien Hsin University of Science and Technology located in Taoyuan city

7 days ago 102

3 Challenges Faced By Students Going Back To College After 25

What are the challenges faced by students going back to college after 25?

7 days ago 35

Howard University Gets $100,000 Donation From Church To Pay Off Student Debts

Alfred Street Baptist Church asked its parishioners to donate the money they had saved during the “financial fast”.

8 days ago 62

25% of UK Postgrads Are Still Living With Parents Due To Housing Crisis

Expensive housing in the UK forces young adults to live with their parents.

8 days ago 43

These Canadian Schools And Colleges Are Going To Be Closed Due To Weather

Here is the full list of Canadian schools and unis that are going to close this week.

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