University of Minnesota Student Files A Lawsuit Against Chinese Billionaire Richard Liu For Alleged Rape

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Sydney Principal Is Rooting for Australian Students To Use Google For HSC Exams, And Here's Why

Should Australian students be allowed to use Google for HSC exams?

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UK University Students Amidst Mumps Outbreak: How Not To Catch A Virus?

With 51 confirmed cases across the UK universies, students are urged to get vaccinated.

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Indian Student Enrolment In Australia Increased By 25% Over The Past Year

The numbers of Indian and Chinese students enrolled in Australia are now almost equal.

18 days ago 63

Notre Dam Mom Urged Female Students Not To Wear Leggings, They Created 'Leggings Pride Day' In Protest

How a letter from a concerned mom created 'Leggings Pride Day' movement.

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Former Yale Football Coach Faces Charges For Taking $400,000 Bribe

Yale University ex-coach pleads guilty to fraud-related charges.

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US Public Universities Focus Their Recruitment On White and Wealthy Students, New Research Suggests

New research was conducted by researchers from UCLA and the University of Arizona.

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Here Is Fresh Scholarship For Medical And Osteopathic Students Who Live In US

Enloe Medical Center announced another scholarship.

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Student's DREAM Job: That’s How You Can Get $20K For Staying In Bed For NASA Research

NASA will pay you good money for simply staying in bed.

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