Carleton University Campus Safety Services Warns Students About Scam E-mails

2 hours ago



US Student Expelled From Oklahoma University After Her Viral “Blackface” Video

This scandalous story happened to Oklahoma university student who was expelled because of a viral video.

a month ago 406

Covington Catholic High School Students Harass Native American During the March for Life (VIRAL VIDEO INSIDE)

See the viral video of students approaching the Native American veteran.

a month ago 685

41 UK Students From One Of Poorest London State Schools Secure Places At Oxbridge

Students come from different backgrounds, most of them are refugees.

a month ago 129

Honor Roll Student Who Paid For Lunch With Counterfeit Money Faces Two-Week Suspension

Student's parents claim they got a fake $20 bill as a change at a fast-food restaurant.

a month ago 93

State College of Florida Received $3.6 Million Grant For New Student Center

State College of Florida announced an impressing multimillion-dollar technology project for student.

a month ago 72

Australian Students Demand To Allow Pill Testing As Politicians Keep Getting In The Way

Students for Sensible Drug Policy launched a new "Be Heard Not Harmed" campaign.

a month ago 96

8 Lifestyle Memes About Students

There are so many things to be told about student life, so check out these fresh memes!

a month ago 2787

University of Liverpool Students Face Academic Sanctions For Failure To Pay Rent

"Academic Sanctions" are a broad term Liverpool University interprets in its way.

a month ago 107

Pizza ATM Machines On Campuses And 2 More Tasty Things Finally Created For Students

What else can impress today's students? Today, the Typical Student team will show you 3 incredible inventions any student was waiting for.

a month ago 489

Aya Masarwe, Israeli Student Murdered In Australia While Talking To Her Sis On FaceTime

21-year-old international student from Israel was killed while talking on FaceTime.

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