University of Minnesota Student Files A Lawsuit Against Chinese Billionaire Richard Liu For Alleged Rape

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Now NYC Students Who Smoke Weed On Campus Receive ‘Warning Cards’ Instead Of Criminal Summonses

New York College students caught with weed are receiving ‘warning cards’.

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How To Escape Suicide Challenge? Here Is How Momo Contacts Its Victims

This week, Momo Challenge exploded the internet again!

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Trump Threatened US Colleges Not To Release His Grades To Public, Says Trump's Ex-Lawyer

Trump's ex-lawyer, Michael Cohen, just exposed shocking facts about President's grades.

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Missouri University Professor Stole Student’s Invention. It Was Sold For $40 Million Tho

Ex-professor from Missouri university accused of stealing students invention.

a month ago 511

Why The Number of UK Students In Oxford And Cambridge Continues Decreasing?

Looks like Oxford and Cambridge continue failing to raise UK student numbers!

a month ago 87

One-Student School To Open In Albany, Wyoming

Albany County School District officials claim it will cost about $150,000 combined to educate the two students next school year.

a month ago 93

Tinder Releases New Mode Made For College Students On Spring Break

Check out this cool Tinder update for students!

a month ago 257

University of Pittsburgh Wins Lawsuit to Decrease Bad Professor's Pay By 20%

The lawsuit requested professor McKinney should give $115,000 in back pay

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Student Caught On Camera How Her Cat Was Escaping A Closed Door, And It's AMAZING

Cats are smart creatures, the proof is in the video.

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