Carleton University Campus Safety Services Warns Students About Scam E-mails

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UK Universities Handed Out Over £3.5M In Library Fines Last Academic Year

UK students have faced £534,000 in various fines over three academic years.

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Hundreds Of New Zealand Students Affected By NCEA Exam Glitch Get Special Grades

Due to the glitch in exam system, hundreds of New Zealand students have been affected.

a month ago 168

UCLA Ex-Student Sued James Franco But The Star Finally Settles The Case

According to UCLA ex-student, he made the early drafts of “The Disaster Artist” and got only $5,000 for his work.

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Scandalous Story About Al-Azhar Student Expelled For Hugging Found Happy Ending (VIDEO INSIDE)

This viral story about a female student who was expelled from Al-Azhar finally found happy ending.

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Bunnings’ Sign Goes Viral Among Students And It Is EPIC

According to the staff members, they were going to write ‘Flick It’ above light switch products. And here is what happened!

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Do We Still Need Football At Schools? Another Student Tragically Dies

January 2019, Nick Dixon, Spartanburg High School senior student and beloved footbal player died after a hard surgery.

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Here’s How Students Can Get A Degree Without Actually Going To College

Finally, it happened! the University of Hawaii becomes the first college to allows you study entirely online.

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University of California Forbids Students to Use WeChat and WhatsApp In China

UC is afraid of data leaks through WeChat and WhatsApp when its students are in China.

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Japanese Student Forces Tabloid To Apologize For Women’s University ‘Sex Listing’

Spa! tabloid published a scandalous 'sex ranking' that caused severe outrage in early 2018.

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