The Ultimate Guide For Introverts On How To Survive College

2 years ago



The Typical Student team keeps sharing real-life student experiences. This time around, YouTube blogger Jaime Cook came up with 4 great college surviving tips for introverts. So here’s what she advises all the introverts who feel anxious about being at college.


#1 Remember that you are not alone




According to Jaime, you are not the only introvert on your campus. Other people feel uncomfortable and anxious as well, especially during the first weeks of college. So when you feel anxious or depressed just think about how natural it is to feel a little bit anxious about being in a new environment. 


#2 Don’t be afraid of making fool of yourself




Jaime says that when you feel nervous you might do some odd things and other people would probably laugh at you. However, she suggests not taking it too serious because you won’t see most of those people again.


#3 There are people who would help you




If you have any problems there are people such as your teachers or classmates who will help you. Jaime claims that it’s all about asking, so don’t be afraid of asking for some advice from other people.


#4 Join college clubs

Jaime says that there is always something interesting to do on campus. She claims that most colleges have a lot of various clubs and there definitely will be something for you. Moreover, making friends with people in your college club is way easier than in classes, which is quite important for introverts. 

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