That’s How Students All Around The World Start The First Day of School

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We already told you that in the US, as well as in the UK, different universities have different back-to-school terms. Today, the Typical Student team wants to go deeper. As you may know, the first day back to uni, college or school is really different depending on the place you live in. And we are not talking about your state. The thing is that this day is celebrated differently. Would you like to know how different countries begin the academic year? Let’s see!

Before everything else, the first day of tuition is always a big and important day, no matter where you live. In many countries students (especially freshers) are excited about this date. They have lots of entertaining events to celebrate the first day of a school year. However, as it was mentioned above, many countries also have different back dates. To illustrate, we selected for you the back-to-school pics of schools in 12 countries around the world.


United States


Traditionally, let’s begin with the United States. Here are the foreign students arriving for the first back-to-school day. The pic was taken in New York, US.


Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine 


Same to all the countries that used to be a part of USSR, Belarus starts studying on September 1. This date is the official Knowledge Day since 1984. It’s celebrated in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and other post-soviet countries excluding Romania which, same to East Germany, falls on September, 11.

The image above shows students perform during an event for the first school day Minsk, Belarus.

Needless to say, September 1 marks the end of the summer and shows that fall begins. Besides, it has an iconic cultural status in all the Russian-speaking cities. In summary, September 1 is the date of the First Bell. This time all students and their families participate in a celebratory assembly.

Sometimes the actual back-to-school day can be a few days later. It happens when September 1 is on weekend. Still, the entertainment (that takes a couple of hours) usually takes place the first day of September.

The pic shows the first graders taking per in back-to-school every year ceremony. It was taken in Kiev, Ukraine.




As it happens in China, Syria pays special attention to education. In 2018, there are still some issues, so even small children take school very seriously. On the pic, a child studies books a suburb of Damascus, Syria.




In 2018, for French scholars summer holidays started July 8 and ended September 2. It was Sunday by the way. Usually, the school year in France starts September 1 but sometimes the date can be changed. For example, in 2017, it started on September 4 because it was Monday. The dates are modified by the Ministry of National Education. 

The image shows children entering the primary school Jules Ferry in Fontenay-sous-Bois, near Paris.




What can be cuter than Japanese kids during their first day of school? Just take a look at these young men sitting in a classroom at Shimizu elementary school in Fukushima.




This is not a usual school image. Students are waiting for the train to pass, so they will be able to continue the journey home. The pic was taken after the end of the first day of school in Jakarta, Indonesia.




This female student from Malaysia is definitely not the one, who waits for the back-to-school day. The image of a girl laying her head on the table during the first day of school was taken in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Gaza Strip


And what about the Palestinian scholars? Here if the first day of school in Gaza City. Boys are sitting in a classroom at al-Shafi'i school.




This picture if from the President Corazon C. Aquino Elementary School in the suburb north of Manila, Philippines. By tradition, Filipino students are lining up during the first day of school.




To finish with, let’s see what’s going on in Libya on the first day of school. This picture was taken in Tripoli. It shows the local teacher talking to young students at the beginning of a new school term.

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