5 Coolest Student Jobs Ever

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Do you think that a job has to be hard and boring? No such thing! You can do whatever you like and get paid for it if you look in the right direction. As a student, you’d want a part-time job that doesn’t take too much of your energy. Typical Student has found 5 perfect and amazing jobs for you.


#1 Chocolate taster



The best sweets manufacturers of the world are seeking for a chocolate taster for their products. The general requirements are good health, excellent interpersonal skills, open to new tastes, experience in product tasting is welcome.

Working for about 12 hours a week on a flexible schedule, you can get about $10 per hour. For more chocolate taster offers, look here: https://www.simplyhired.com/search?q=chocolate+tasting&job=lF4Qgw-KQ5mDzv2kJTpl6v-yiUM7qpGFCng7jjxW7F8CXt7M-WUVDw


#2 Netflix Tagger



What can be better for a student than watching Netflix? Being a professional Netflix tagger, you get to watch your favorite shows and get paid for it! Previously known as editorial analysts, taggers is now one of the most popular Netflix vacancies. In general, the requirements include strong work ethics, ability to analyze and distinguish nuances in movies and series, experience in media and content industries. Here’s a link for job application: https://jobs.netflix.com/jobs/869298



#3 Water slide tester



A water slide tester has to be adrenaline prone, but has a calm and analytical mind, be active on social media, and have good health. Their job is to ensure the safety of rides, determine the desired size of splashes, measure the right slipperiness, etc. Being a professional water slide tester, you can earn from $30,000 to $34,000 annually. Look for vacancies here: https://www.indeed.com/q-Water-Slide-jobs.html


#4 Chips Inspector



A potato chips inspector has to watch thousands of chips on a conveyor line and get rid of burned and crashed, as well as do taste inspections. This job requires an honest worker that is ready for a routine job and communicative. In terms of salary, you can get about $12 per hour. Job vacancies: https://lensa.com/chip-deburrerquality-inspector-2nd-shift-jobs/easley/jd/d70fb662fcd44a50be6ef72d82434701


#5 Outfit Finder 



The success story of Laura Rider, a girl with good taste and passion for shopping brought a new job on the market: outfit finder. After launching her own Outfit Finder, the girl was able to make her hobby an actual job.

For such an occupation, you have to be an expert in fashion brands and trends, know and be ready to search for places to buy exclusive lines and have a strong social media presence.

Your salary depends solely on your skills and efforts. More on the job can be found here: https://www.savethestudent.org/make-money/outfit-finder-love-island.html

What interesting jobs for students do you know? Is there anything better than a chocolate taster? 


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