5 Reasons Studying a Language Can Boost Your Career Prospects

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Colombian Woman Who Trained to Be a Nun Becomes Adult Film Actress

Yudi Pineda trained for 8 years to become a nun, but changed her mind to become an adult actress.

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11 BEST Employers Ranked by Canadian Students in 2018

11 BEST Employers Ranked by Canadian Students in 2018

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Money MATTERS: Only 36% of Australian Employees Got Pay Rise in 2018

Essential Media survey has revealed how many Australian professionals got pay rise in 2018.

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10 Fastest-Growing Freelance Skills for Students And How To Master Them

Want to learn another 10 skills quickly gaining traction in the freelance job market? We’ve nailed them down and also included some free and inexpensive online courses.

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20 TOP Skills Quickly Gaining Traction In the Freelance Job Market + Courses To Master Them

Want to know the fastest-growing skills in the freelance job market? We’ve batched top 10 of these for you in our post. Free or inexpensive courses also come along!

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TOP 15 Companies Where Students Can Work Without College Degree (CURRENT OPENINGS LIST)

What are the famous companies student can work at without having a college or university degree?

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DREAM Job for UK Students: 6 CHALLENGES Faced by Royal Nannies

Fancy being a royal nanny? is cool, but what is it actually like? Here are 6 difficulties royal nannies face at work.

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4 Ways to Earn Money Online for Students

College students always need money. Here is how students can make money online.

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Penguin Erector Job: Dreams of Thousands Scottish Students Shattered by Edinburgh Zoo

'Pick up a penguin' dream job gossip went viral on Twitter, turned out a fib!

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