What Jobs Will Survive the Tech Changes to Come?

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Grandkids on Demand: 5 Apps That Connect Seniors & College Students

Here's how technology helps to overcome the generation gap between elderly people and students.

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Expectation vs Reality: 9 GLAMOROUS Jobs That Are Not That Cool At All

If you believe that being a PA or flight attendant is cool, check twice!

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5 Most UNBELIEVABLE Jobs for Students in Summer 2018: Sleeping Professional, Ninja + 3 More

Want to get paid for sleeping? Or earn up to $85K as a professional ninja?

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BEST Summer Jobs Guide for US Students 2018: How to Become a Lifeguard in 30 Hours!

If you're still figuring out where to earn extra $$ this summer, may be you should try lifeguarding?

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Business Start-Up At Uni: How UK Student Won £1,000 and Created ‘Tinder’ for Stray Animals Adoption

Who says you can't start a business while at university? This inventive student proves you wrong!

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Summer Jobs Guide for US Students 2018: How to Become a Barista in 3 Days!

Did you know, becoming a barista in US can take less than a week?

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Attention Interns, Working for Trump Administration Can Ruin Your Sex Life!

Who knew that being associated with the Trump administration could simply ruin your sex life!

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Hairdressers NEEDED in Australia: 6 BEST Summer Jobs for Graduates 2018

Australia experiences severe shortage of professionals, so 2018 graduates won't have a problem with finding a job!

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Real-Life Sherlock In 12 Weeks: UK Graduates Anticipate New Training Program for Detectives

Police Now isn't going live this year, but UK grads can still submit their applications!

a year ago 863

Summer Jobs 2018: Students Can Earn £4,160 Just by Instagramming Revision Notes

Social media as a summer job option 2018? Students can earn a pretty penny spending only 2hrs a day on Instagram.

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